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Each tax problem is as
different as each taxpayer

If you are currently under audit, owe money to
the IRS, or have any other tax related problems,
Gary Bluestein & Deborah Weber are an essential
part of the solution to your tax problem.

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Our clients say it best

"After personal and financial setbacks left me with
several years of unfilled and unpaid income tax
liabilities I honestly didn’t know where to turn for help.
Thankfully a friend recommended Gary & Deborah.
After my first meeting with Gary and Deborah
I knew that I was in good hands"

Each tax problem is as different as each taxpayer

The commercials are everywhere; national companies saying they can take care of all of your tax problems; settle for pennies on the dollar. It seems so easy. Just call the 1-800 number and your tax problems will magically disappear. The problem is, without the right representation, you could end up wasting thousands of dollars and your tax problems won’t go away, and in some cases they can get worse.

Whether you’re being audited, have failed to file returns or owe back taxes, it is important to seek assistance from a firm that is qualified to represent you. Before you hire a tax representative, you should ask yourself the following questions

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What Our Clients Say

Deborah has my highest recommendation! I find her prompt, knowledgeable, direct and to me most importantly easy to talk to. You can speak plainly to her and not get lost in legal terms. That makes it amazing when you are stressed out and need to have a full understanding of your options.


Buffalo, NY

What We Do

Dealing with tax authorities can be intimidating. If you are currently under audit, owe money to the IRS, or have any other tax related problems, Andreozzi, Bluestein, Weber, Brown, LLP is an essential part of the solution to your tax problem.

Our 25 years of experience includes the representation of individuals and businesses at all levels of a tax controversy.

We have provided advice and representation to hundreds of businesses and individuals. Our expertise has saved our clients millions of dollars and provided them with real solutions to their tax problems.

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Andreozzi, Bluestein, Weber, Brown, LLP provides representation, advise and drafting services to individuals and couples in need of a wide array of estate planning work. We also provide representation to estates in both probate and intestate administrations.

While our objective is to minimize estate taxes, we will not do so at the risk of depriving you of control of your assets and financial security. We know how important it is to protect and maintain control of the assets that you worked hard to acquire, and our goal is to make sure that your wishes are carried out. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable with your estate and financial plan.

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it is not possible to pay all outstanding debts in full. At Andreozzi, Bluestein, Weber, Brown, LLP we understand that bankruptcy can provide much needed relief in helping our clients get a fresh start.

We represent individual taxpayers in Chapter 13 reorganization and Chapter 7 liquidation cases.  We also represent individual or business taxpayers in Chapter 11 reorganization and liquidation cases.

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Deborah Weber

With over 22 years of experience exclusively representing taxpayers before the IRS and State taxing authorities, Deborah provides her clients with decades of legal experience helping both individual and business clients solve their tax problems.


With over 14 years of experience as an IRS attorney and 15 years in private practice focusing solely on solving tax problems, Gary provides clients with complete tax representation with every possible legal strategy being utilized for their benefit.

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