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Recently Gary Bluestein and Deborah Weber helped me win tax appeals with both the NYS Tax Commission and the IRS. All penalties were abated. The case arose originally due to poor service and advice I received from an accounting firm, resulting in estate taxes being filed late. The penalties were significant due to the accounting firm’s negligence, and these appeals were not easy to win. However this law firm is comprised of extremely talented lawyers in the area of IRS appeals. Not only did they win the appeals, but throughout the appeals process they provided prompt, courteous and respectful service. I highly recommend them.

Maurine B.

Chicago, IL

In the 32 years I spent as an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Revenue Officer, I have met tax specialists and professionals across the entire region of the Niagara Frontier. From Niagara Falls, to Batavia, through Buffalo and Jamestown, I have met with, interacted, negotiated and, at times, debated so many professional tax specialists that I can safely say, I have a reasonable appreciation of how these professionals operate in regards to protecting their client’s interests before the IRS. With my experience base, I am able to personally say that the law firm of ‘Bluestein & Weber’ is the quintessential law firm in representing, protecting and defending the rights of all taxpayers whose case rests before the Internal Revenue Service. Both Gary Bluestein and Deborah J. Weber have proven time and time again that they exceed what is expected as tax professionals. Both these able and talented Attorneys have demonstrated their unique abilities to worked with the IRS as firm, but fair, arbitrators for their clients. A personal endorsement of both Gary Bluestein and Deborah J. Weber, as legal representatives for the taxpaying public, is an endorsement I give freely, honestly and with great admiration to both these fine professionals. Their honesty, professionalism and prowess is a beacon to all who need legal assistance and advice

James S. Zucarelli

IRS Revenue Officer (Retired)

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