Complex and highly technical federal tax matters are not an area of law to be taken on without time-tested, experienced counsel.

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Each tax problem is as different as each taxpayer.

The commercials are everywhere; national companies saying they can take care of all of your tax problems; settle for pennies on the dollar. It seems so easy. Just call the 1-800 number and your tax problems will magically disappear. The problem is, without the right representation, you could end up wasting thousands of dollars and your tax problems won’t go away, and in some cases they can get worse.

Whether you’re being audited, have failed to file returns or owe back taxes, it is important to seek assistance from a firm that is qualified to represent you. Before you hire a tax representative, you should ask yourself the following questions.

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Tax Representation

Dealing with tax authorities can be intimidating. If you are currently under audit, owe money to the IRS, or have any other tax related problems, Andreozzi Bluestein LLP is an essential part of the solution to your tax problem.

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Estate Planning

Andreozzi Bluestein LLP provides representation, advise and drafting services to individuals and couples in need of a wide array of estate planning work. We also provide representation to estates in both probate and intestate administrations.

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The Internal Revenue Service and the State taxing authorities have at their disposal an arsenal of methods to aggressively and efficiently collect taxes owed. Andreozzi Bluestein LLP’s professionals know how to navigate these waters and assist clients in resolving complex tax collection matters.

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We are a law firm built on Experience, Vision & Trust

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At Andreozzi Bluestein LLP, we pursue every case with energy, creative “out-of-the-box” thinking and a dedication to produce the positive results that our clients have come to expect. Our professionals pride themselves on having built national reputations based on these results.

Whether you need tax counsel for litigation, representation before the IRS, an advocate in tax controversies, or thorough tax analysis and objective consulting, our attorneys have the experience and obtain lasting solutions.

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